Get Financial Help with Purchasing Medicine


Tough economic times make it hard for people to fill their prescriptions and take the medicine as directed. There are no easy solutions to the high cost of medicines. But there are often safer alternatives than cutting back on your medicine, skipping doses, taking less than the recommended dose, or not filling your prescription at all. If you find it hard to pay for your prescription medicines:

Talk to your doctor. Don't be embarrassed to tell your doctor if you have trouble paying for your prescriptions. He might be able to prescribe a less costly medicine that will work for you. He also may have samples of medicine that he can give you, at least in small supplies to hold you over. If your doctor gives you samples, always ask for written directions on how to take the medicine. Keep the directions with the sample medicine.

Search out assistance programs. There are many patient assistance programs that might be able to help you obtain medicines at no cost or at a significant discount. Look at these websites that steer patients to public and private support programs that may be useful.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Needy Meds



Patient Advocate Foundation


Together Rx Access

Also visit the website of the drug manufacturer who makes your medicine. Many companies offer coupon discounts or other forms of assistance (for those who qualify). In addition, look for groups that support patients with your particular disease. A few examples are provided:

Mental Health America 

The American Kidney Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation

National Organization for Rare Diseases

Medication Safety Alerts

FDA Safety Alerts

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