Pharmacies go “beyond the fill”


A recent survey conducted by PrescribeWellness shows that middle age and older Americans would like to receive more health services at their local pharmacies. The survey examined the 2018 health goals of more than 1,000 adults over age 40 and the services they most value at their pharmacy.

More than half of the people surveyed would prefer paying their pharmacy rather than a co-payment for a doctor’s office visit for preventive services such as vaccines and flu or strep testing. Topping the list of services that would make healthcare more convenient if available at their local pharmacies were blood pressure checks and quick over-the-counter treatments. Many were also interested in synchronized refills and medication delivery services, so they could make fewer trips to the pharmacy. Losing weight, quitting smoking, managing diabetes, and selecting the best Medicare prescription plan were key goals for 2018. Many of those polled were willing to consult with their local pharmacist for help with these goals, although few had done so in the past. In terms of the services most valued in their local pharmacies, advice about drug interactions and side effects were most often cited.

Here’s what you can do: The good news is that, many of the services cited above are already available at your local pharmacy! Most pharmacies are going ‘beyond the fill’ every day, offering patients valuable advice and preventive care services that can help them meet their 2018 health goals. Your local pharmacy may be closer and more convenient than your doctor’s office. So, don’t be shy about asking what preventive health services are available at your local pharmacy and taking full advantage of all those that meet your needs. Also make your pharmacist a trusted ally in your health and wellness by seeking his or her personalized advice about your medicines and health goals.

Created on April 23, 2018

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