Pediatric Acetaminophen Chewable (or meltaway) Strength Change


Many manufacturers and retailers of pediatric acetaminophen solid dose (non-liquid) medicines including the makers of Children’s TYLENOL®, are transitioning to a single strength of 160 mg in the United States. Prior to 2017 acetaminophen chewable (or meltaway) products were available in both 80 mg (Children’s) and 160 mg (Jr.) strengths. But starting in early 2017, manufacturers began transitioning to a single strength (160 mg) pediatric solid dose acetaminophen product. The 160 mg strength will be named “Children’s” and the 80 mg products will be phased out. This change, at the recommendation of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is intended to help minimize the potential for medication errors due to confusion between multiple strengths.

The transition to single strength chewable (or meltaway) acetaminophen is anticipated to continue throughout 2017. During this time of change, there may be some  

acetaminophen 2017.2acetaminophen products in the 80 mg dose still available in the pharmacy until their supplies run out. The 80 mg acetaminophen products currently on the pharmacy shelves (or in your medicine cabinet) are safe to use.

What you can do:

• Always verify the acetaminophen product strength (160 mg or 80 mg) on the drug label
• Always read and follow the Drug Facts label dosing directions before administering to your child
• Use the following chart for reference:

 dosing chart

Created on April 7, 2017

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