The Immunization Action Coalition’s new website provides a one-stop shop for information on vaccines and their importance.


The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) is a national leader in vaccine education for both healthcare professionals and the public. Recently, IAC announced a new and improved website to help the public get the information they need about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. Visit for reliable information on vaccines and their importance.

Highlights of

• Vaccines You Need: Detailed information about the immunization schedules, arranged by age group—infants and children, preteens, teens, and adults

• Personal Testimonies: Stories of suffering and loss from vaccine-preventable diseases, organized by age group and disease         vaccineinfo3

• Video Library: Searchable collection of videos and public service announcements about vaccine-preventable diseases and the importance of vaccination

• Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Information and resources for all vaccine-preventable diseases, including those associated with international travel

• Vaccine Basics: Basic and helpful information on vaccines and vaccination, ranging from “Paying for Vaccines” to “How Vaccines Work”

• Resources: Frequently updated listing of helpful resources, including brochures, blogs, videos, and more, for people in all age groups who seek information about vaccines

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) provides the public with reliable, one-stop shop for learning about vaccines and their importance.

Created on February 7, 2013

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