Poison Look-alikes


The New Jersey Poison Information and Education System issued an alert about poisonings occurring when torch lamp oil (Tiki lamp oil) was mistaken for apple juice. In several unrelated incidents, individuals became critically ill, and one person died, after accidentally ingesting the oil. Lamp oils are particularly hazardous.

When taken by mouth, they can easily get into the lungs (due to their low viscosity) and cause pneumonia and death. The low viscosity allows for deeper penetration within the airway and more widespread coverage of the lung tissue. Stay safe. Read all labels before eating or drinking an item and be aware of how closely unsafe products may look to other (safe) products found around the home. Finally, never keep cleaning products or other hazardous materials stored near food. They should be locked away in a cabinet and not left out where they can be easily confused with food items.

Created on January 1, 2003

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