Poisonous Plants


Plants are a common cause of poisoning. Both indoor and outdoor plants can be poisonous. Some plants can cause a skin rash, others can cause an upset stomach if ingested and still others can cause more serious problems by harming your heart, kidneys or other organs. Below is a partial list of indoor and outdoor plants that are considered poisonous.

Amaryllis Apricot (seeds and pits) Belladonna
Calla Lily Cherry Daffodil
Dieffenbachia Easter Lily Hemlock
Holly Hyacinth Hydrangea
Iris Lily of the Valley Mistletoe
Mushrooms Milkweed Oak (leaves/acorns)
Oleander Peace Lily Philodendron
Poinsettia Poppies Pothos
Rhododendron Rhubarb Leaves Rubber Tree
St. John's Wort Winter Fern Wisteria
Created on January 1, 2003

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