Survey shows recession has weakened patient safety net


As we listen to the news, it is clear that the current recession has impacted nearly every sector of the economy. According to 848 respondents to a survey we conducted in September through November 2009, healthcare is likely no exception. Our survey findings support conclusions drawn from an earlier 2009 survey by the American Hospital Association (AHA), which found that the economy has taken a toll on the patients and communities that hospitals serve.

In addition to the financial woes that make it difficult to conduct business, hospitals are facing a second threat—the increased risks to the patients they serve, stemming from the steps many hospitals may be forced to take to respond to the economic downturn.

Although our survey methodology does not meet the rigors of scientific research, our results offer a glimpse of the impact these steps are having on both healthcare staff and patient safety, including the impact on medication safety. You can read the article here

Created on January 20, 2010

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