WARNING: do not purchase the wrong DIABETA product on Internet


Diabeta (glyburide) is an oral medication commonly used in the treatment of diabetes. However, a potentially dangerous situation exists for patients who purchased drugs via the Internet: Diabeta is also the name of a “natural medicine” available from Morpheme Remedies, based in India, but available online and promoted for purchase in the United States.

Each capsule of the herbal product (from a company called Morpheme Remedies) contains a mixture of herbals like periwinkle, turmeric, neem, kino tree, bitter gourd, black plum, and ginger. Like the glyburide product, it is also said to be effective in managing diabetes mellitus. The suggested dose is 1 capsule twice daily.

It was reported that a patient bought this product and stopped using his prescription Diabeta medication. While no problems were found to be related to taking this herbal medication in this patient, there is a great risk that glucose (sugar) control might be affected in a bad way.

Here is the website link for Morpheme Remedies (the company that makes this herbal Diabeta). There is no evidence that this product has any actual use in diabetes. It would be harmful to use it as an alternative for treating diabetes if you are supposed to be taking glyburide!

Created on September 3, 2011

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